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100 Scientific Studies That Shows Cannabis Cures Cancer

100 Scientific Studies That Shows Cannabis Cures Cancer


Here’s the full list of studies:

There’s a surprising number of published studies that suggest cannabis kills cancer cells. Very exciting and potentially future changing data is being collected at a rate never seen before. Hopefully it won’t be many more years until some real readily available treatments emerge.

Below is a curated list of studies from NCBI – The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information.
Cannabis kills tumor cells

Uterine, testicular, and pancreatic cancers

Brain cancer

Mouth and throat cancer

Breast cancer

Lung cancer

Prostate cancer

Blood cancer

Skin cancer

Liver cancer

Cannabis cancer cures (general)

Cancers of the head and neck

Cholangiocarcinoma cancer


Cannabis partially/fully induced cancer cell death

Translocation-positive rhabdomyosarcoma


Cannabis kills cancer cells


Thyroid carcinoma

Colon cancer

Intestinal inflammation and cancer

Cannabinoids in health and disease

Cannabis inhibits cancer cell invasion


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