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About Us

Absolute Nature CBD’s Mission, Ethics, Ethos & Goals

At Absolute Nature CBD, our goal is simple. We’re committed to providing only the best, all-natural, unadulterated CBD products to better the lives of our families, friends and customers. Navigating the “Wild West” that the CBD industry has become is challenging, which means quality and transparency have never been more important. Everyone deserves access to clean, quality, safe and honest products, and we’re making it happen.

That means no hiding behind confusing or misleading jargon, no hiding ingredients, no selling cash grab products with zero efficacy, and no questionable cultivation or manufacturing practices. Instead, we’re embracing open, transparent testing with readily-available certificates of analysis (COA), and we’re standing behind the quality and potential of every CBD product we make.

Our founders have experienced the positive effects CBD firsthand and seen the difference it makes in the lives of family members and friends. But they’ve also had the misfortune of dealing with falsely labeled products and the ever-growing torrent of misinformation being shared and marketed. It sparked a burning drive to build a safe environment for everyone, where no one would be scammed again. As simply as that, Absolute Nature CBD was born.

Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years in all things natural health, fitness, natural supplements, and personal experience with cannabis-derived products as an aid to health. What’s more, Absolute Nature CBD is a privately owned company with no outside influence or investors who focus solely on profits above all else. We answer only to you.

Everything we do comes from a place of compassion, transparency, professionalism, relentless loyalty to our family, and absolute care of our impact on the planet, people’s lives, future generations, and our passion for all things absolutely natural.

We care deeply about our planet, and we strive to be as green as we possibly can. Our products are created using sustainable, organically-grown practices, with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals poisoning the earth. We take pride in our environmentally-friendly approach, from our energy-generating website to our use of recyclable packaging and bottles. We’re also making effort to use the least amount of plastic possible.

We look forward to serving you.

The Absolute Nature CBD Team

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