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All About CBD & CBG Edibles: Why People Love Gummies


We look at why people love CBG and CBD edibles, and what you should look for when you’re shopping for them. We’ll also take a peek at the future of hemp-based edibles.

We take you through the benefits, options, important criteria you should consider when buying CBG and CBD gummies online.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Vance Green, PharmD. | Updated on Aug 28, 2021

In this article, we’re going to look at why people love CBD edibles and what you should look for when you’re shopping for them. We’ll also take a peek at the future of hemp-based edibles… CBG!

Back in the day, gummies were just candy. Then someone figured out that you can combine the chewy treat with beneficial ingredients like vitamins for a sweet treat with real benefits. At first they were just for kids, but with adults feeling left out… suffice to say, you can buy all kinds of “wellness gummies” today.

After CBD became legalized and millions of people began to discover its benefits, CBD gummies were an obvious next step. Why not combine the relaxing, soothing, balancing effects of CBD with a great tasting gummy? Today, all kinds of CBD edibles exist in a wide variety of shapes and flavors.

Unfortunately, not all CBD edibles were created equally. When it comes to poor quality CBD gummies, some of them are so badly made you might as well be eating just candy. Below, we’ll give you guidelines for buying better CBD gummies, the kind that maximize the potential benefits of the CBD they contain. We’ll also take a peek at what could be the next big thing in the hemp space: CBG edibles.

First, we wanted to briefly introduce why people love CBG and CBD gummies and how they use them.

Why do people use CBD & CBG edibles?

While a high-quality CBD oil or CBG oil can have a mild, pleasant earthy taste, not everyone enjoys that flavor. Plus, everyone likes to treat themselves from time to time.

Simply put, the best CBD and CBG edibles combine high-quality, full-spectrum extract made from hemp or cannabis plants, with selected all-natural ingredients to create a chewy, classic gummy-style candy. (See the next section for more on separating good CBD edibles from bad CBD edibles).

Some other forms of CBD edibles exist, such as chocolates or baked goods. Although we’ll be focusing on gummies in this article, almost all the advice and information we share here should apply to them too.

Apart from just having a good flavor and that hit of sugar so many of us crave, CBD edibles can have the advantage of making it simple to take a predictable dose of CBD. You should get the same amount of CBD from every gummy, so you can take the same amount every time.

Not to mention, gummies are very convenient to carry around. Less chance of spillages etc.

Some people give CBD oil to their kids, and edibles can be an easy way of getting them to take CBD. Of course, because of kids’ developing brains and bodies, you should always consult a doctor before giving them CBD.

For people who use CBD multiple times a day, a CBD edible like a gummy can be a great treat after a meal, helping balance our systems for whatever comes next in our days.

What should I look for when buying CBD gummies?

With thousands of different CBD products on the market, there’s bound to be some winners and some losers. Unfortunately, the high popularity of CBD means that some people enter the market just to make a quick cash grab. CBD edibles can be an appealing market, because it’s cheap to mass-produce candies full of artificial ingredients.

Making high-quality CBD edibles is another matter — that takes time and care! Here’s some tips for picking out the best products:

  • How is it made? Inferior CBD edibles are just gummy candies with CBD oil sprayed onto the outside. As you might expect, those kinds don’t work that well. Quality CBD edibles infuse the extract all throughout the gummy, ensuring a much more effective edible.
  • Is it made with full-spectrum hemp extract or CBD isolate? A lot of CBD edibles are made with CBD isolate, which means they contain just CBD and not the other beneficial compounds in the hemp and cannabis plants, including other cannabinoids and terpenes. By contrast, a full-spectrum CBD edible means you’re not taking full advantage of the entourage effect, which is an effect many experts believe occurs when multiple cannabinoids work together in synchronicity.
  • How strong is the CBD edible? While everyone is different, a common starting dose of CBD is around 25mg to 50mg. But some CBD edibles only contain as little as 5mg per gummy. That can leave you eating handfuls of candy. You’ll save money with a stronger gummy (and just buy a bag of gummy bears, if you really want a sugar fix).
  • How sweet is it? Is there high fructose corn syrup? Just because you’re getting a treat, it doesn’t need to be overflowing with sugar. It’s also important for many of us to avoid high fructose corn syrup, which may be linked to serious health issues.
  • Are there artificial colors or flavors? Quality CBD edibles use natural sources for all their ingredients. In particular, you should avoid food dyes with names like “Red No. 5.” Coloring and flavors should be made from natural ingredients, like fruits and vegetables instead of chemicals.
  • What about the other ingredients? There’s no reason for gummies to be made with an ingredients list as long as your arm, full of hard-to-pronounce substances. You should be able to easily access the complete ingredients list, and understand what’s on it. This is vital for anyone with special dietary needs. Many CBD edibles today are vegan, made without any animal-based ingredients.
  • Are third-party lab tests available? Quality CBD brands send their products to third-party, independent labs for thorough testing, then make the test results available on their website. These lab test results, also known as a “certificate of analysis” (or COA), should show not just the strength of the product, but also its purity. Is your CBD edible free of pesticides, molds and heavy metals? You’ll know for sure with thorough lab results.
  • Is it sustainable? A good CBD brand is trying to care for the earth too. Look for brands that are reducing waste in their packaging and shipping materials, or taking other steps to heal the planet.

One last question to ask yourself: Am I buying from a friendly, transparent and reliable CBD brand? A good CBD company will have a website that’s easy to navigate, and they’ll make it easy to get in touch. If you can’t find the full list of ingredients, the lab tests, or reach customer service … you should try someone else!

At Absolute Nature CBD, we pride ourselves on being absolutely transparent in everything we do. Contact us if you ever have questions about our products.

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What are hemp CBD gummies?

CBD hemp gummies are edible candies that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil derived from legally defined cannabis hemp plants. They can come in a countless range of flavors, colors, shapes, and concentrations of CBD.

Are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies?

This question is one we hear all too often. The answer is also more complex than a simple yes or no.  Any product produced from hemp derived CBD extract in its many forms , whether they’re called hemp gummies or CBD gummies are both the same. Learn More Here

What types of Hemp gummies are the most popular?

In short, without getting into all the industrial processes that can be used, hemp gummies are made by blending fruit flavors, a setting agent, pectin or gelatin, CBD extract, distillate or CBD oil (this can be full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate).

With almost countless options and formulations the actual processes and full ingredients are almost endless. Many products are unfortunately high sugar, additives, harsh coloring and low purity and potency.

These super sweet, candy–style gummies are popular, mainly due to them being a direct copy of normal candies, with a little CBD added.

The better option is be an all-natural, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, vegan and gluten-free gummy. With a broader and healthier take on traditional sweets, these are viewed more of a “vitamin” type chew. Great for health, and not so sweet.

Can I make CBD hemp gummies at home?

You can! You can even make gummies in a microwave. Read more here on making your own CBD gummies.

Are CBG edibles the next big thing?

Before we close, we wanted to peek at the future of edibles: CBG gummies!

CBG, short for cannabigerol, is one of the other compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plants, and one of the most promising. Some people even find it more beneficial than CBD. That may be, in part, because CBG is considered the “root” or “stem cell” of hemp and cannabis. Originally, all the beneficial compounds in the plant begin as a form of CBG. Then, time and heat transform them into other compounds, like THC or CBD.

While CBG has unique benefits of its own, one thing it has in common with CBD: it doesn’t make you feel high. That means you can feel free to take CBG whenever you need a little relief.

As CBG products become more prominent, and growers begin producing hemp flower that’s rich in CBG, we’re starting to see CBG make an appearance in edibles as well. We expect that within the next few years, hundreds of CBG gummies will appear on the market. Fortunately, we’ve already given you the tips you need to pick the right ones.

Can you get high off CBD and CBG gummies?

No. Absolutely not. Just like all other legal CBD products, edibles must contain <0.3% THC. This is not enough to get you high, but is sufficient to increase the health benefits by harnessing the entourage effect.

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