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Best CBD Hemp Affiliate Program

CBD Affiliate Program

20% Commission - 60 Day Cookie - Unique Coupons

Earning Commissions as an Absolute Nature CBD Affiliate
Whether you’re an industry news source, blogger, health coach, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, or just know your way around social media. With the power of affiliate marketing, you can start making an additional stream of revenue by simply sharing products with your followers, then earning commissions on sales you drive to us.

CBD Affiliate Program

Boost your websites trust and authority whilst generating income working with a trusted company!

The CBD industry is booming right now, with exposure in national news, stores popping up on every corner, media outlets turn to reporting on the latest news, trends and warnings, there’s no better time to start promoting high quality CBD products to your readers.

CBD information websites, social media channels are the perfect tools to get yourself into the CBD industry. Who knows, you could be so successful, this time next year you’re launching your own product. There is literally no better time to start as a CBD affiliate than right now!

Earn 20%

Join our CBD Affiliate Program and get up to 20% commission on every referral!


To help you get started we will credit every new affiliate with a $20 FREE Bonus!

Claim your $20 Sign up bonus now!

Why choose Absolute Nature CBD as your affiliate partner?

We work hard every day to ensure our products are of the highest quality, always consistent, are of the absolute highest purity, total reporting transparency and delivered as fast as possible ensuring that we always stand out from the crowd. Always backed by transparent publicly published independent lab reports. As far as we see it, good enough isn’t good enough! Only the absolute best. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCUSES!

You can always be confident you’re working with an honest, reputable, reliable, professional and caring CBD company!

We are here to assist you at every step. You represent our company and are, our voice; we always want to make sure you know the product as well as following best practices while correctly relaying information. Help us in our fight against pseudoscience and harmful disinformation!

Unique CBD Discount Coupon Codes

Every Absolute Nature CBD affiliate has access to unique cbd discount coupon codes to further increase conversions and add more value to your users.

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Help and Advice to Increase Your Success

We are always here to help make your life easier. With access to a state-of-the-art affiliate system, you can log-in and check your stats 24/7 on the go. Use our pre-made creatives with one click. Create custom tracking links with campaign tagging, Free SEO and campaign advice from a team with 20 years experience in online marketing.

Our goal is your success. We are here to help you succeed.

Are you looking for White Label CBD Products?


If you’re looking to start your own CBD brand and want the best white label CBD, private label CBD, look no further!

Absolute Nature has you covered! We can provide our full range of CBD products under our white label CBD program. We can also bundle this in to our CBD dropshipping program.

Our goal is your success. We are here to help you succeed.

Step 1. Apply to be an Absolute Nature CBD Wholesale Partner. (Click here)

Step 2. Once accepted we will provide you with access to coupons, special offers, affiliate links, reporting and more.

Step 3. Promote via your desired channel, earn, get paid! Simple.

If you would like to benefit from the growing demand for high-quality trusted CBD products by referring Absolute Natures CBD’s line of premium CBD products, we would absolutely love to partner with you.

At Absolute Nature CBD we take absolute care and pride in all things that we do, we do this for our customers satisfaction and peace of mind.

We source Colorado organic grown, pesticide free grown, non GMO, specifically bred hemp plants high in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, otherwise known as phytocannabinoid-rich hemp, that goes into our of our premium CBD products.

The plant is then extracted using, cannabinoid preserving supercritical Co2 extraction which results in our amazing full spectrum cannabinoid profile.

Each batch that is produced under goes 3rd party testing at every step, this ensures absolute quality, purity and safety at each stage of production. Then once the final product in bottled up, this is then sent for final batch testing. If you wish to study our 3rd Party Reports you can do so here.

Our reporting is always publicly published for customer peace of mind, CBD products are currently not under federal regulation, so consumers must rely on the honesty of the CBD companies. We will always be transparent, no matter what. Trust is earned and earn it we must. 


What are you waiting for? Get ahead of your competition in the CBD market and add more value to your site visitors.

Warning: Once we reach 350 CBD affiliates we will be reducing our commission rate by 5%!  Don’t miss out!