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CBD Assistance Discount Programs


With so many people looking to use or rely on natural remedies and relief, but due to many number of reasons, may not be able to justify the cost. We feel everyone has the right of access to such products, at affordable rates, backed by safety and quality. Cost shouldn’t be prohibitive of quality or access. As part of our ethos is to help everyday people, putting ethics before money, Absolute Nature is happy to offer a CBD assistance discount program to help individuals obtain access to our products. We always strive to provide and serve our customers to the best of our ability.


We offer a huge 60% discount to US veterans, low-income households, families with family members on the spectrum, and any individuals on long-term disability, and most recently, First Responders. If you feel that you should qualify for any of the fore-mentioned cbd assistance discounts please reach out to us and we will do all we can to assist you.

Assistance for Autism, Epilepsy & Similar Conditions.

In order for US families to qualify for our assistance you must provide the following: Any documentation stating the condition. IEP Cover letter, prescriptions or other medical paperwork. We are as flexible as we can be and will always put our best efforts into ensuring those who need assistance the most, receive it.  (Via email or post, whichever format you provided us your information.

Veteran Assistance Program: 60% off full price.

In order for US Military veterans to qualify for our Veteran assistance you must provide the following: a scan or photo of your DD-214, State issued ID with Veteran endorsement or VA card. Once accepted you will receive approval in writing (Via email or post, whichever format you provided us your information. We cannot offer discounts for family members of veterans.

Long-term Disability Assistance Program: 60% off full price.

In order to qualify for our long-term medical disability assistance program, we require a signed certificate from a registered physician or a copy of your disability income acceptance letter.

Low Income Assistance Program: 60% off full price.

For US residents that fall at or under the federal poverty level can now apply to our low income assistance program. To apply please send us a copy of your tax return for the previous year and a copy of SNAP, SSI award letters or LEAP. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, please check the U.S. FEDERAL POVERTY GUIDELINES to ensure you are classified as on or below the poverty line. We will assess these applications on a case by case basis. If you have any other concerns please do reach out to us and see if we can offer assistance.

First Responders Discount Program – 60% off full price

Absolute Nature CBD have the highest respect for our country’s public service first responder personnel. We believe it is crucial to support this community however we can. We have now extended our CBD assistance program to include First Responders. If you are a paramedic, emergency medical technician, police officer, firefighter or rescuer you will be eligible for our discount program.

If you are a First Responder, provide the following documentation:

Official ID Card
Official Badge
Pay Stub
Promotion/Award Certificate

If you have any other concerns please do reach out to us and see if we can offer you any assistance.

Assistance Program Application & Terms

To apply to our CBD compassion discounts program you simply need to do the following:

Create an account with us here:

Get copies or screen shots of your relevant information required for the particular program you’re applying to and forward them along with your registered account username and email via our contact form.

You must also ensure you have redacted any sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers and ID numbers.
By submitting your information you are agreeing that you have blocked out sensitive information and we are not responsible should you have not.

Discounts cannot be used with other coupon codes, offers or special deals. We do not give partial refunds after approval on any previous orders that you have placed.
We do monitor accepted assistance users and we ask that those who qualify for this program only use their assistance discount for themselves or immediate family members. Any abuse of our generous assistance program can result in closure of your access to our program.

Absolute Nature CBD reserves the right to modify or change any of the assistance programs or discount amounts, at any time without prior notice.

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