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We hear the same questions again and again, so we’ve compiled the most common to help you better understand CBD, CBD products and Absolute Nature CBD.

We will keep this page growing with more CBD questions and answers. There’s no shortage of information in the ever-growing and ever-changing CBD industry. As always, if you have anything you would like to know about us or CBD, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help and serve you.

What is hemp?

Hemp is legally classified as any cannabis plant containing <0.3% THC. Hemp is part of the cannabis family. Although it’s of the same family as marijuana and offers a lot of the same benefits, there is no high or psychoactive effect. So you can still function at work and enjoy a normal life.

What is hemp extract?

Hemp extract shouldn’t be confused with hemp seed extract. Hemp seed extract comes from the pressed seeds of the plant, which contain no CBD but do have omega fatty acids.

A lot of confusion is caused by some companies labeling hemp seed oil as hemp oil. To ensure you’re buying CBD, always check for a certificate of analysis.

Hemp extract, CBD extract, CBD oil, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, cannabis oil, and cannabidiol are the typical terms used for hemp products that contain CBD. CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted from any cannabis plant that contains <0.3% THC at a dry weight, pre-processing. CBD and cannabinoids can come from the whole plant, just the flowers, or the stalks, stems, and leaves.

The key to understanding what it is you’re buying is to always check the certificate of analysis (COA) to ensure it states CBD/cannabidiol content.

Will I get high from CBD hemp oil?

Not if you’re buying from a reputable seller. The amount of THC in CBD oil has to be under <0.3% THC to be legal. At that amount, you will not experience any psychoactive effect or high.

How does CBD work?

CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes work through the endogenous cannabinoid system/endocannabinoid system (eCB). The eCB is a naturally occurring system that is a part of every human, just like the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Through the stresses of modern life and the prohibition against cannabinoids, our bodies develop eCB imbalances, which are reportedly linked to many states of un-wellness.

Are Absolute Nature CBD products third-party lab tested?

Absolutely! We believe third-party lab testing should be standard across the board. All of our testing is carried out through ProVerde Laboratories. You can contact them at 617-221-3356 if you would like to check us out.

Our lab reports (COAs) are also publicly displayed along with our practices. Visit our 3rd Party Lab Testing page.

Are Absolute Nature CBD products organic?

We take every precaution necessary to ensure our products are grown, cultivated, and processed using organic practices. All plant material undergoes testing before production.

To say all of our final products are USDA certified organic simply wouldn’t be right. Currently, only our CBD oils are USDA certified via ONE CERT.

The remaining products are produced using hemp and ingredients grown using organic practices and are in the process of USDA organic certification.

Are Absolute Nature CBD products 100% natural?

Absolutely! We only use all natural ingredients. That means no nasties, no additives, no preservatives, no sulfates, and no harsh chemicals!

Where is Absolute Nature's cannabis grown?

All of our cannabis/hemp is grown in Colorado. Purchasing a product that’s produced in the USA is so important because of the strict regulations and guidelines we are held to and the fact that it supports and creates domestic jobs.

This is an important differentiator. Some brands advertise exceedingly low CBD oil prices. Often, they’re made with CBD isolate imported from outside of the country (typically China). Importing CBD can be very dangerous because there’s no identifiable source and the growing practices are nowhere near as strict as US standards.

Does Absolute Nature disclose all Ingredients?

Absolutely. You will never see “other ingredients” displayed on our labels without disclosing what they are. You must always know what you are taking! Our ingredients can always be validated in our third party reports.

What does entourage effect mean?

In a nutshell, it’s a synergistic effect created by all the components within the cannabis plant interacting with the human body to produce a stronger influence/benefit than individual elements alone. This is why we currently provide whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oils only. It really is the gold standard and ensures you benefit from the plant as a whole. It does cost a little more, but like most things, you get what you pay for. Learn more about the entourage effect.

Will Absolute Nature CBD oils make me fail a drug test?

It’s unlikely, but possible. There is such a small amount of THC (under <0.3%) that it’s a safe bet you will not fail, but we advise you don’t risk it without first discussing this matter in advance with your employer.

If your job requires any drug testing, we highly recommend being conservative and staying away from our product until you can come to an agreement with your employer/doctor regarding your use of CBD.

It’s also imperative to understand your company’s testing process and what they look for when screening. Some companies carry out cannabinoid tests, while others carry out THC-only tests. If they test for cannabinoids, you can fail even using an isolated CBD product.

The above is true for any CBD product. There is no way around it.

We value your safety and ability to provide for your family more than making a sale.

What are recommended dosages for your products?

Due to current regulations and federal laws, we cannot provide specific dosing.

Everyone is different, and at this time there is no set standard. Technically, it’s illegal to recommend dosing unless you are a medical professional managing the care of an individual.

We do offer a third-party CBD dosage calculator to help you determine dosage for the ailment you are experiencing.

Please note we do not aim to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease.

Does Absolute Nature CBD offer discounts?

We already have incredibly economical prices. However, we do offer programs for assistance, including discounts for veteran, police, fire, EMT and active military discounts.

We do periodically send out subscriber-only special offers, so be sure to sign up to our mailing list. The sign-up form at the bottom of the page!

We are a business, but at the end of the day, we are here to help. If you need assistance, please reach out to us. If we can help, we absolutely will.

Do you ship to all 50 states and is it legal?

Absolutely! Due to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, all of our products are federally legal.

How long does shipping take?

We take pride in our quick turnaround. In most instances, we ship out same day if it’s not too late.

Customer service is super important to us, and we are here to impress! You should receive your order within 2-3 days, 4 at the absolute most. If it takes longer than 3 days, please contact us immediately so we can light fires under whomever we need to!

Is shopping on secure? Is my information safe?


We have security in mind for everything relating to our website, checkout and payment processes. We have secure servers, run security protocols, implement a variety of security practices, and have a secure CDN (Content Delivery Network) and fully encrypted website. Because of all these steps, we are proud to be able to use Authorize.Net as our payment processor.

We do NOT collect or store any personal information relating to payments and credit cards.

Do you offer refunds and returns?

We do. We offer a 14-day, no-questions-asked full return of used bottles and a 30-day full return for unopened bottles. Customer will be responsible for shipping back the product. The return should be processed and credited to your credit card within 2-7 days.

Is Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Legal?

Yes. Delta-9 products derived from Farm bill compliant hemp is 100% legal. There are some caveats though. Products containing legal Delta-9 must only contain <0.3% THC as defined by the USDA and the 2018 Farm Bill.

Why not give our 100% legal Delta-9 Gummies a try!

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