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CBD Topicals - CBD Salves - CBD Creams

Natural relief with full-spectrum CBD topical salve creams

experience total relief with whole-plant full spectrum CBD topical salve creams

Our CBD topical cream products are deep penetrating, contain all-natural whole-plant CBD (cannabidiol), naturally occurring terpenes, other cannabinoids and powerful medicinal therapeutic plant compounds specifically selected to melt away those aches and pains.

CBD - CBDA - CBDV - CBG - CBN - CBC - <0.3% THC

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We produce whole-plant full spectrum all natural CBD (cannabidiol) topical ointment cream products expertly blended with beneficial therapeutic plant extracts effective at soothing deep-tissue therapy targeting sore muscles.


CBD "Hemp" Oil Topical Creams For Sale

Absolute Nature CBD's whole-plant full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) hemp/cannabis cream we have for sale are expertly formulated for maximum therapeutic relief of targeted aches, pains & soreness. Deep penetrating CBD salve cream!

When you buy one of our CBD topical creams you can expect an expertly crafted blend of whole-plant full-spectrum CBD, carefully selected therapeutic medicinal herbs, botanicals and all-natural essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) designed to stay on your skin working hard throughout that day.

Our CBD Creams come in a handy recyclable tub with a secure screw on lid, ideal for throwing in your bag when you're heading to the gym or off to work!

Experience a difference you’ll truly feel!

Deborah KrohnNew Jersey

I have tried so many different CBD topical creams and to no avail none have given me any pain relief as your Full spectrum CBD 500 mg topical salve. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked on my sciatica and pain in my legs from fibromyalgia. I’m about to order my third jar. Thank goodness for Absolute Nature!

Each and every batch of our CBD (cannabidiol) topical creams are independently third-party lab tested and verified as clean, safe and at the correct potency and cannabinoid profile.

We are absolutely focused on transparency, trust, consistency and delivering the finest quality trusted CBD salve products to our customers. That's why we publish all our current CBD topical batch reports online for you to view.

You can find lab reports on each product page. If you have any problems finding or reading our CBD cream lab reports, please do contact us for assistance.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the power of all-natural whole-plant CBD creams with our award winning best CBD body products.

Miranda Maverick

Miranda MaverickPro MMA - The House of Muay Thai in Norfolk

Until I used Absolute Nature CBD's CBD oil and CBD topical, I kind of thought it was all a myth, but it relieves the pain and tension in my injuries, some I didn't even know were there. It's great and definitely a must-have when I'm training!


CBD Topical Cream Faq's

Our customers use our CBD topical for a number of applications. Sports persons use our CBD salve/cream for work-out recovery, aches and muscle soreness. With excellent hydration and moisturizing abilities it may be used for dry, sore, itchy, or irritated skin. Think icy/hot freeze creams and utilize CBD creams in the same way.

Unfortunately due to FDA legal implications we can't say what CBD topical's, creams or salves can treat or if they're effective for arthritis, join pain or fibromyalgia. You may see many CBD topicals for sale online that openly advertise treating these conditions but it's important to understand that no CBD products have been approved to treat any of these pain specific health conditions and saying so is illegal and somewhat deceptive.
We would love to be able to go into depth about uses of CBD. We hear from 100s of our customers stating how their lives have been positively affected from using CBD creams/salves/lotions.
Right now the importance of adhering to the guidelines for producers is paramount and Absolute Nature follows these rules. It's essentially up to customers to look into the wealth of information and reviews online and try CBD products yourself.

Essentially nothing. Topical means application to body surfaces. So a topical Cream or Salve is for external use to be applied to the skin. Topical use often applies to anything that's a Cream, Ointment, foam, gel or lotion. Transdermal creams are also topical, even though they're designed to penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream, they're still applied externally.

In short no. Standard CBD topicals are applied externally and will penetrate the top 3 dermal layers of the skin. However, there are some specific ingredients that can be added to CBD creams making them trans-dermal. Transdermal products deliver ingredients through the skin via systemic distribution.

In short no. Standard CBD topical or creams are applied externally and will penetrate the top 3 dermal layers of the skin.

CBD creams are not going to help you sleep, other than they may reduce your muscle aches and pains, aiding you to feel more comfortable. But not directly going to help you sleep.

However, there are some specific ingredients that can be added to CBD creams making them trans-dermal. Transdermal products deliver ingredients through the skin via systemic distribution.



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