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CBD Hemp Flower Strains

CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Hawaiian Haze CBD:

Hawaiian Haze offers a great balance of mellow indica and sativa-like energetic effects, inspiring relaxation without overwhelming sleepiness. 

Hawaiian Haze is a hemp flower strain that’s both uplifting and relaxing, with strong relief too. It’s a perfect “hybrid”-style balanced strain, and it’s great for blending with other strains of flower if you’re looking to mix cannabinoid profiles. Hawaiian Haze is a potent, cannabinoid-rich hemp strain, so more intense relaxation comes on with heavier consumption.

Review highlight: “I was very pleased with this strain. It’s an uplifting day smoke that is also balanced. Has a lovely tropical aroma and a smooth flavor. I love vaping this and also creating blends with it.” — Ashley B.

Bubba Kush CBD: 

Strong, indica-like body-focused effects. Extremely relaxing without causing drowsiness. Big hitter for pain relief. 

These Bubba Kush CBD flowers have been a firm favorite with our pre-release testers & staff. Reports that small amounts are uplifting, energetic, yet calming. Bubba Kush promotes feelings of warmth, relaxation, and calmness. This is a great strain for unwinding after a long day. Bubba Kush is great for easing stiffness and soreness without promoting intense sleepiness. 

T1 Trump: 

T1 has strong “indica-like” effects without paranoia, soothing both the body while also easing the mind.

T1 keeps you feeling calm and relaxed, suppressing any negative feelings you might be dealing with, layered with focus, concentration, clarity, and a sense of well-being. T1 will give you a full-body effect, which can result in couch-lock at higher doses. T1 is a hemp strain guaranteed to satisfy almost anyone. This is a true “hybrid,” with a mixture of noticeable effects on both body and mind.

Sour Lifter: 

Uplifting, great for daytime use when you need focus and relief without drowsiness. 

Lifter strains are known for being great for creativity, focus, and daytime consumption. This Sour Lifter strain is a gold standard example of the Lifter family. This particular Lifter variation is terpene rich, clocking in at over 2% total Terpenes, with a wide cannabinoid profile enhancing the entourage effect and overall physical & mental effects.

Sour Lifter is known to promote relaxation and focus, without causing you to feel drowsy or sleepy, with especially strong sativa-like effects at smaller doses. Larger amounts can promote euphoric feelings of relaxation. 

Review highlight: “The buds are full of color and the effect you get from smoking these buds is immediate. It’s a good daytime smoke as it does not create any drowsy effect, opens up the creative channels and really hits the spot. My all time favorite.” -Wildstreet93

Suver Haze: 

This strain is calming and eases stress and muscle tension, promoting focus rather than drowsiness. 

Smoking Suver Haze is a smooth, pleasurable experience. This is a strong but balanced, sativa-dominant strain that will help focus your mind and energize you for busy days, while offering indica-based relief. Suver Haze eases muscle tension but won’t induce couch-lock except at higher doses. 

Review highlight: “This strain is incredibly effective for me. Inflammation decreases, tension melts away, pain subsides and energy is boosted.” -Daniel R. 

Hempress 3: 

Hempress 3 offers calming, soothing relief without intense drowsiness, making this a great balanced strain for daytime use.

Hempress 3 is a high-quality hemp flower strain offering a balance of effects, with none feeling too overwhelming. After smoking Hempress 3, you’ll feel a strong sense of calm, and an easing of overall body tensions. This initial calm is followed by full-body relief, and Hempress 3 may leave you with a case of the munchies. 

The White CBG: 

The White CBG produces a full-body calm mixed with focus and alertness, thanks to the very high levels of CBG and the potent array of terpenes. This soothing smoke is great for daytime use.

Due to its potency, rich terpene, and wide cannabinoid profile The White CBG is a super potent CBG hemp variety, specifically selected to exhibit high CBGa/CBG & legal THC <03%,

Producing a full body and head calming feeling, while not clouding the mind, creating focus and clarity so you can remain active and alert. If you’re curious about the energizing and uplifting effects of CBG, then The White is a perfect hemp flower strain for you. Many people love to consume this strain during the day, as the CBG promotes focus in contrast to the drowsiness of some CBD-heavy strains.

Wedding Cake CBG: 

Wedding Cake promotes euphoria, calm and alertness plus potent all-over relief. 

Due to its potency, rich terpene, and cannabinoid profile, Wedding Cake CBG is relaxing with euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. If you’re looking for that full-body medicating calmness, try Wedding Cake!. Many consumers report reduced pain and improved appetite. Wedding Cake CBG flower is the perfect way to start your day.

White Dragon CBG:

High terpene content and cannabinoid profile make White Dragon a strain which promotes full-body relief, strong relaxation and sleep.

The indica-like effects and strong terpene content (3%+) of White Dragon CBG make this a very soothing strain, promoting healthy deep sleep and strong feelings of relaxation. If you’re looking for a hemp flower that promotes calmness that all-over medicated body feeling, try this strain.

Review highlight: I tried the white dragon that I purchased and it was great! I hadn’t had a good night sleep for a long time and the first night I tried it I slept all night without any interruptions. You can [bet] I will be buying this again. – Luis B

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