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Miranda Maverick. Fighting out of The House of Muay Thai in Norfolk, VA. She began training and still hails from Springfield Fight Club in Springfield, MO. A 22 yr old female pro mixed martial artist, Jiu-jitsu Brown belt, kickboxer, and wrestler who fights from 115-125 lbs. My amateur record was 7-1-0 and as an ammy I held the flyweight championship for both Shofight and Blue Corner MMA. I now fight for Invicta FC and am currently 6-2-0 as a professional.

God gave me my talents, so I shall make the most of them! Aside from my coaches and training partners, my Dad will always be in my corner.

In one year I had my 8 amateur fights, gaining 2 titles, and defending one of them, including Shofight and Blue Corner Women’s Flyweight Amateur Champion. I am a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu brown belt, winning several NAGA, AGF, FUJI, and Submission Challenge tournaments as well as most recently professional UFC fights.

Until I used Absolute Nature CBD’s CBD oil and CBD topical, I kind of thought it was all a myth, but it relieves the pain and tension in my injuries, some I didn’t even know were there. It’s great and definitely a must-have when I’m training!

What motivates you?

Being a successful young woman in this sport is a big responsibility.

With a high like the feeling of having my hand raised after an all-in physical battle, the low is equally as drastic. It is sickening, for it is a feeling of utter failure to lose in such an individual sport where it is only yourself to blame. I can never let anyone down and I feel that I must set a good example of sportsmanship, respect, humbleness, and humility.

With children, women, and even men who I know look up to me watching me, I feel pressure to give it my all, to be their inspiration just as they are unknowingly my motivation. Even more so, being able to succeed as my favorite person watches is an amazing feeling, for I feel as though my dad can live his dreams that he never had a chance to achieve thru my own.

Also, fighting and being successful in doing so is a point of pride for me, showing all of those who ever doubted my dreams that I CAN AND I HAVE achieved the goal that was thought to be a fantasy.

I owe it to my family, my supporters, and god to find the potential of my talents, so i don’t just train hard, i live a moral life and push myself to every limit, for i fear nothing other than wasting my opportunities.

Miranda Maverick

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